Robotic NeckA gaze-controlled motorised headrest to restore head movement to those living with a neurodegenerative diseases. Completed for ALS Society of Canada.CompleteHardware
PydpiperNeuroscience: a flexible toolkit for constructing novel registration pipelines. Abstract here.CompleteSoftware
Social ProductsA play on the Internet of Things cliché; toasters that talk to one another. Google 'addicted toasters'.CompleteHardware
Touchscreen ConcreteExprimenting with optics & concrete as a low-fidelity touchscreen.ActiveHardware
RoadieA smartphone mic for live performances.FrozenHardware
JarvisRecreating the Iron Man home management system. 'Good morning sir, the weather is ...'CompleteSoftware
FreshMatYoga mats get gross. Clean them better.FrozenHardware
Dirigible LanternVoyaging above the dining room table.ActiveHardware / Art
Beehive MonitorKeep track of the hive remotely.ActiveHardware
Coaster TimerA coaster that times steeping.ActiveHardware
About Time ClockBringing to life the idea of a clock that tells time like we do.FrozenHardware
Chest FridgeA chest fridge consumes less energy.FutureHardware
Dodecahedron Desk LampThe platonic lamp.FutureHardware
POV GlobeFutureHardware / Art
iPatchFor those paranoid about their MacBook camera.FutureHardware
Louis Riel T-ShirtA shirt for the rebel of the Great White North.FrozenFun / Art
Letterpress Coleridge LineLearning letterpress for a purpose.FutureFun / Art
IDEO Workplace Health ProgramIDEO project to keep the office healthy.CompleteHardware / Conceptual
P.O. Box SMS NotifierDon't check your P.O. box unless you need to.CompleteHardware
Hot Wire KnifeFoam cutter without the stationary table.FutureHardware
Push-pop Wall SocketFor when you need more than just 2 power plugs.FutureHardware
GreenbaGreenskeepers have better things to do with their time than greens.FutureHardware
Repurpose Newspaper DispenserPut these iconic dinosaurs to new use.FutureFun
Wireless N64 ControllerCutting the cord on the classic N64 controller.FrozenFun
Cornell NotepadsThe best in academic note-taking.FutureFun
Wireless Bandwidth MeterA tachometer for your bandwidth.FutureHardware
Over-door Mosquito AttractorGet those suckers when they try to come in the door.FutureHardware
Rock-paper-scissors Logic CircuitLearn logic circuits for a purpose.ActiveHardware
The Simplified Panasonic RemoteI only need to turn it on and off.CompleteHardware
Sunrise Alarm ClockWake up naturally.FutureHardware
Pipe StandQuite.FutureFun
Case for ProjectorLug around this beauty.FutureFun
Kindle IconFor icon purposes.ActiveFun
Co-operative Drinking FountainAfter you.FutureHardware
Mason Jar PixelsReal live pixel art.FrozenHardware / Software
Photography SoftboxWhy pay loads?FutureHardware
Light MatRoll it up your tracing table, just like your sketches.FutureHardware
TTC Token CufflinksThey're the perfect size for it!FutureHardware